Law no. 1.231 of 12 July 2000 (formerly law no. 406 of 12 January 1945)  regulated the accounting profession, defined its missions and reserved its practice to duly authorised professionals.

The Monaco Order of Public Accountants is a national professional institution that exists to defend, promote and develop the accounting profession in Monaco. One of our principal missions is to monitor compliance with our code of professional ethics.

Public accountants in the Principality of Monaco are partners in its economic and social life. The aim of the Monaco Order of Public Accountants is to be a proactive force vis à vis the government authorities. Its ability to unite and its knowledge of the business world is the reason why it is associated with numerous draft regulatory and legislative texts. Because of its mastery of economic realities and its close proximity to business leaders, the Order is in a position to put forward proposals to facilitate the everyday existence of companies established in the Principality of Monaco.

The Principality's economic activities and its development are very closely tied to the international dimension of its enterprises, and so it is essential that the Monaco Order of Public Accountants has an international presence. It is a member of a number of international bodies, including the Federation of European Accountants (FEE), the International Federation of Francophone Accountants (FIDEF) and the Arc Méditerranéen des Auditeurs (AMA).

The Order includes the services of accountants, chartered accountants and auditors, as well as administrators, management agents and liquidators.

In 2011, the NMEP (the Professional Standards of Professional Practice) (/fr/les-normes) were established to regulate the Monegasque accountancy profession. These working standards were created using the international provisions of the ISA (International Standards on Auditing) in order for it to be possible to respond to both domestic and international requests.

The Monaco Order of Public Accountants is part of the Monegasque Committee for Regulated Professions. This Committee is a force for dialogue, participation, information and proposals. It is the Order's intention to bring its knowledge and experience to its representatives. Its sole ambition is to be a part of the influence and attractiveness of Monaco, and it seeks to develop its collaboration with this Committee so as to secure a more reliable and consistent transmission of information. 

Our values

  • Performance

The objective of the Monaco Order of Public Accountants is to be as effective as possible, both domestically and internationally. We realise this ambition thanks to our constantly evolving tools of professional standards, quality control and training. With a view to its optimal performance, the Order organises annual training programmes for its members. Courses on Monaco's specific accounting, corporate, tax and legal aspects are also taught at the Lycée Albert 1er.

  • Independence

 Independence is an essential criterion for objectivity and quality. We must both be and appear to be independent. We must therefore perform our tasks with integrity and objectivity.

  • Control

 A rule is of no value unless there is oversight. The Order has set up a quality control system for the performance of its tasks.

The Order of Public Accountants is an ex officio member of 8 entities in the Principality in order to guarantee these values of performance, independence and control:

  • The Commission for the Guarantee Fund
  • Commission for Compensation of Economic Loss
  • The CARTI Control Committee
  • The Standard Financial Statement Commission
  • The Financial Activities Supervisory Commission
  • The Notaries' Office Supervisory Commission
  • The Superior [should this be Strategic?] Council for Attractiveness
  • The Monaco Economic Board
  • Monaco Invest

When requested to do so by the Princely Government and the National Council, the Order participates in the preparation of texts that have an economic component, such as the reforms of business law, the law on limitation periods and international private law.

In accordance with law no. 1144 of 26 July 1991, the Monaco Order of Public Accountants is a member of the commissions responsible for revoking authorisation to carry out a business activity.

National and international influence

The aim of the Monaco Order of Public Accountants is to share its corporate expertise both in the Principality and abroad. Its international activities are carried out through its membership of and participation in a number of bodies. The order is a member of :

  • The International Federation of Francophone Accountants
  • The Arc Méditerranéen des Auditeurs
  • The Academy of Accounting and Financial Sciences and Techniques

The Monaco Order of Public Accountants also has contacts with the MEB (the Monaco Economic Board) in relation to its foreign missions to Russia, Italy, England and China, among others.

In order to defend, promote and develop the accounting profession in Monaco and abroad, the Order can use the services of the MEB, which has two departments that seek to optimise its international activities and high level of visibility: the Monaco Chamber of Commerce, which aims to provide support to Monegasque enterprises locally and internationally, and Monaco Invest, which identifies foreign investors and helps them establish their presence in the Principality.

The current President of the Order is Mr Stéphane Garino. It includes :

  • 35 members, 
  • 10 companies

A network of correspondents makes it possible for all the international auditing firms to be represented. One of the particular aspects of the Monaco Order of Public Accountants is that it has 4 members who act as management agents, liquidators and court-appointed accountants.