You are a business owner who wants to transfer or sell your company

Whatever your projects for the future may be, selling your company is the first step on the road to making your new life successful. However, there are numerous challenges when it comes to transferring your company. As with forming a company, succeeding in transferring or selling it is not something that can be improvised, and it is necessary to turn to professionals in order to be properly assisted. It is therefore indispensable to first consider the question in depth:

  • Where to begin
  • How to proceed
  • What actions to take to value your company properly and obtain the best possible price
  • How to find a purchaser, and how to choose a purchaser
  • How to assist the purchaser
  • What options are available to optimise the revenues from the transfer.

In order to help you withdraw from your business on the best possible terms, your public accountant helps you identify the most interesting opportunities, while also guaranteeing your best interests. Whether you are a trader, an artisan, self-employed, a professional or a manager of a microenterprise or an SME, your public accountant provides you with assistance throughout the various stages of this process, which is complex and sometimes tedious, but nonetheless represents a real economic challenge for you.

Your Monegasque public accountant : your greatest ally throughout the life of your company

Your public accountant's expertise and knowledge of Monaco's market and economy helps with your preparations and with your key partners (lawyers, notaries, bankers, M&A experts, estate agents, etc.) at every stage of negotiations so as to optimise your chances of finding a purchaser and to provide you with security. Their closeness and experience make them your primary advisor during negotiations and the definition of the terms and conditions of sale.

There is commonly a preparation period of between 1 and 3 years between the time a decision is made to sell a company and completion of the sale. It is therefore extremely important to have the benefits of the advice and assistance of a Monegasque public accountant, who can help you with the most important stages throughout this process:

  • Financial valuation of your company: Your public accountant helps you establish your company's sale price based on profitability indexes or its position in the market.
  • Preparation of the presentation file: Your public accountant's expert knowledge and experience in the field makes him or her the best person to advise you on the preparation of a file that optimises the presentation of your company and satisfies your expectations.
  • Looking for a purchaser and publicising the offer: Your public accountant advises you on the various avenues to be explored in order to identify a purchaser. A purchaser might be found from within the personal and professional network close to the seller (suppliers, competitors, or even clients), but it might also be someone who is not known to the manager. In addition, because your public accountant has extensive knowledge of the Monegasque market, he or she can play an active role in this search process by publicising the project to his or her network of partners (banks, M&A experts, lawyers, etc.).
  • Assistance with negotiations with the purchaser: Your public accountant acts as a real partner in this transaction, and is at your side during negotiations with the purchaser, supporting you when it comes to potentially complex questions about your company and defending your interests throughout this stage.
  • Due diligence: Here, too, your public accountant helps you with this stage, which involves an in-depth analysis of your company from an accounting, social and legal perspective. Your public accountant's expertise in carrying out due diligence makes him or her the primary point of contact for the professional appointed by the purchaser to carry out due diligence on your company.
  • Implementing and coordinating the project: your public accountant also takes charge of the various procedures and formalities associated with your transfer plan. In addition, because of their involvement in the Monegasque market, they can be your primary contact person for all these procedures, taking responsibility for the overall coordination of the project.

Your public accountant in Monaco plays a decisive role in the success of the sale or transfer of your enterprise. If you would like assistance with this process, contact one of our members