Forming or establishing an enterprise in Monaco is both a professional and a personal decision. Aside from its economic dynamism, its political stability, its moderate taxation rates and its especially welcoming climate, Monaco offers its residents an exceptional quality of life.

What are the procedures for moving to the Principality of Monaco ?

A move to the Principality of Monaco is made by following two separate procedures.


In order to do business in Monaco and form a company in Monaco, it is essential to obtain prior authorisation from the Princely Government. Only Monegasque nationals must file a declaration of intent to carry out a business activity rather than an application for authorisation.



Moving your personal residence to the Principality of Monaco involves filing an application for a residency card with the Monegasque authorities. This residency card is granted subject to certain criteria that the applicant must satisfy with evidence, in particular:

  • that he or she has accommodation in Monaco, whether as a lessee, a homeowner or an accommodated person
  • that he or she has adequate financial resources, by providing evidence of an adequate salary, professional income, etc.
  • that he or she is of good character, by providing a criminal record certificate, for example


Find the procedures and all information required to move to the Principality on the website of the Princely Government