Although the provision of accounting-related services is what lies at the heart of the accountancy profession, accountants can also take charge of legal tasks as an ancillary component of their principal task, and they can assist you in numerous areas: with the formation of companies, with the selection of and modifications to a company's Articles of Association, with completing formalities, with providing the annual legal secretary and with drafting the minutes of annual shareholders' meetings, among other things. Monegasque laws are unique to the Principality, and your accountant in Monaco acts as a partner in the management of the legal aspects of your enterprise, assisting you with some of the basic and more exceptional daily legal tasks from the time your company is formed and throughout its existence.

Assistance with the formation of an enterprise

Accountants are a valuable asset when it comes to setting up your enterprise. Their global vision, expertise in the legal, accounting, tax and social domains and their practical experience with these tasks offer you precious assistance with the various stages in the creation of your enterprise.

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Legal Secretary

The role of a legal secretary is to perform the legal tasks that are an inherent component of the operation of every company, in particular reports by the manager or Board of Directors and shareholders' meetings, as well as the formalities they give rise to.

Exceptional legal tasks

As their name indicates, these are operations that are less of a customary part of the life of an enterprise: statutory amendments (company name, transfer of the registered office, operations involving the company's capital, etc.) and changes in legal form, as well as dissolutions or liquidations. In addition to the operational management of these tasks, accountants use their specific knowledge of Monegasque laws to provide you with the indispensable advice you need in order to optimise all your enterprise's strategic decisions.

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