With their training and experience, chartered accountants play a key role in the life of companies. While their primary task is to draw up the annual accounts and the compulsory tax documents for their client companies, their work goes much further than this, as they assist and advise the company and its director on all aspects of business life, from strategic direction to operational implementation (organisation, human resources, management charts, legal, tax and social aspects, asset management, etc.).

What is a chartered accountant ?

Chartered accountants and accountancy experts are accounting professionals, the only ones authorised (on an external basis) in the Principality to keep and audit the accounts of companies and non-profit-making organisations. In the Principality of Monaco, the profession is regulated by Law No 1.231 of 12 July 2000, which defines its tasks and reserves its exercise to duly authorised professionals.

The concept of independence is essential in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest: chartered accountants and accountancy experts may under no circumstances be employees, managers or directors of a client company. 

The role of the certified public accountant and the chartered accountant

Thanks to their multi-disciplinary training, chartered accountants and certified accountants are the only professionals capable of taking a global view of the client company, going beyond bookkeeping. They are the company's true allies, providing a range of services that often complement each other:

Accounting and taxation
Management consultancy
Social and HR
Legal approval
Anti-money laundering report

At every stage in your company's life, our chartered accountants and certified accountants will establish a close relationship with you, providing you with the best advice and solutions for each of your issues.

Why choose a member of the Ordre?

For any company established in Monaco, it is essential to choose a professional from among the members of the Ordre des Experts-Comptables et Comptables Agréés de Monaco. This is a regulated profession and only professionals registered with the Order are authorised to practise in the Principality.

For criminal reasons: article 32 of law 1.231 states that "Anyone who engages or attempts to engage in the practice of the profession of chartered accountant or certified accountant without the required administrative authorisation shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of three months to one year and to the fine provided for in article 26, paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code [...]".
For legal reasons: only members of the Ordre are authorised to issue the Visa provided for in article 51-9 of the Commercial Code and the report in article 33 of law 1.362 of 3 August 2009 as part of the fight against money laundering.
For reasons of competence: the members of the Order of the Principality of Monaco are duly qualified and their competence has been validated by the Council of the Order and by the Government of Monaco at the time of their appointment.
For quality reasons: members of the Ordre are subject to the Standards of Professional Practice and to quality controls carried out by the Ordre and by independent control bodies.
For economic reasons: Professional Practice Standard 17 stipulates that fees must be commensurate with the services rendered to the client.
Confidentiality: members of the Ordre and all their staff are bound by strict professional secrecy. Any breach of this professional secrecy is punishable under the Criminal Code.

To choose your chartered accountant, consult the list of Ordre members.