Every 3 years, the members of the Order elect 5 colleagues, who make up the Council of the Order, to represent them and administer the body.

 The Council of the Order consists of:

  • 1 President
    Mister Stéphane GARINO
  • 1 Vice-Président
    Mister Claude BOERI
  • 3 Conseillers
    Ladies Sabine STEINER-TOESCA, Pascale TARAMAZZO, Vanessa TUBINO

The Council of the Order meets at least once every three months to manage the tasks relating to the orderly operation of the Order and the profession.

 Accordingly, the Council of the Order :

  • Adopts the measures required so that members who are admitted to the Order take an oath to practice their profession with conscientiousness, dedication and probity
  • Prepares the list of members of the Order and keeps it up to date
  • Discusses all issues relating to the profession
  • Issues a reasoned opinion before authorising or revoking authorisations to practice the accounting profession and chartered accountancy profession, with particular regard to the equivalence of qualifications
  • Defends the rights of the profession in all jurisdictions
  • Implements professional standards and recommendations
  • Organises oversight of the quality of members of the Order

Consult the list of members of the Order of Public Accountants