Human capital is one of an enterprise's main resources, and so the social component occupies an increasingly important place in its organisation and development. In the face of the complexity and breadth of social processes and obligations, the assistance of an accountant in this area is a guarantee that this essential part of your business activity will be managed smoothly.

 An accountant's social tasks include :

Our recurring assignments

Your accountant takes charge of all the tasks associated with the monthly management of payroll and the social declarations it engenders.

 Payroll management

From the time the first employee is hired, managers are subject to recurring obligations that involve the preparation of payslips and maintaining legal records (personnel arrival and departure records, payroll books) that require a knowledge of statutory and contractual provisions.

 Preparation of the associated social declarations

Your accountant calculates and prepares the monthly, quarterly or annual social security declarations for the various authorities.

To make your everyday life simpler, your accountant can pay your social declarations on your behalf by transmitting your company's data digitally to the relevant authorities, in particular through the secure portal of Monaco's Social Services Compensation Fund (CCSS).

 Finally, your accountant will keep you informed of any tax and legislative developments and their consequences.

Self-employed workers

 Your accountant also manages the social declarations of self-employed workers with a compulsory affiliation with the Health, Accident and Maternity Insurance Fund for Self-employed Workers (C.A.M.T.I.) and the Independent Pension Fund for Self-employed Workers (C.A.R.T.I.) (


Our ad hoc assignments

Your accountant assists and advises you on topics such as:

  • Employment and dismissal: Recruitment and dismissal in the Principality are both regulated by a specific law. Your accountant provides you with assistance and takes charge of the formalities and the overall management of these procedures.
  • Work organisation: Advice on the structure of working hours, management of paid leave, maternity and paternity leave, implementation of remote working, etc.
  • Legal obligations: Election of staff representatives, drafting of internal regulations.

Your accountant also takes charge of :

  • Affiliations with the social authorities
  • Assistance with audits by the social security authorities
  • Assistance and advice on social legislation.

We master the laws, agreements and regulations so your practices are secure and your enterprise is always in compliance with the applicable provisions, so that you will be able to manage every situation confidently and quickly.

Choosing your accountant in Monaco to help you manage your business activity in the Principality is your assurance that you will enjoy two types of expertise: the accountant's knowledge of their profession and their knowledge of the Monegasque market, with its laws, its institutions and its distinctive features. To find your accountant in Monaco, consult the list of members of the Order of Public Accountants