Although the accounting officer's main activity is to perform accounting tasks, he can also, as an accessory to his main mission, take on legal missions and assist you in many areas: assistance Creation of companies, choice and modification of the company's status, completion of formalities, maintenance of the annual legal secretariat, drafting of general assemblies ... Since Monaco's laws are specific to the Principality, your accountant in Monaco is one of your Partners in the management of the legal part of your business: it accompanies you in some of the most elementary everyday legal tasks, from the constitution of your company and throughout its life.

Accompanying business start-ups

The accountant is a valuable asset in the creation of your business. Thanks to his global vision, his expertise in legal, accounting, tax and social matters, and his practical experience of this task, the accountant provides you with valuable assistance in the various stages of the creation of your company.
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Legal Secretariat

These are the legal missions inherent in the functioning of any company: follow-up of the legal obligations of the company, in particular the reports of the manager or the board of directors and the general meetings and the formalities arising therefrom.

Exceptional legal missions

Comme son nom l’indique, il s’agit d’opérations moins courantes dans la vie d’une entreprise : modifications statutaires (dénomination sociale, transfert du siège social, opérations sur le capital…), changement de forme juridique, mais également dissolutions ou liquidations. Outre la gestion opérationnelle de ces missions, l’expert-comptable vous apporte, grâce à sa connaissance spécifique de la législation monégasque, le conseil indispensable pour optimiser chacune des décisions stratégiques de votre entreprise.


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